Monday, December 04, 2017

Two countywide judicial races will be uncontested

There may be more uncontested races when challenges are heard. But, for now, it seems that two of the three alternates -- pre-slated for late-opening countywide vacancies -- drew no challengers.

Congratulations are in order for Rosa Maria Silva, the now-presumptive winner of the Egan vacancy, and Thomas F. McGuire, pictured at right, who has a clear path now to the Dunford vacancy. (Tom Sam Sianis, who was 'pre-slated' for what turned out to be the Dooling vacancy drew two challengers.)

In the 13th Subcircuit, none of the Democratic candidates, namely, former Judge Ketki "Kay" Steffen (Crane vacancy), Shannon P. O'Malley (Lawrence vacancy), and current Judge Samuel J. Betar III (O'Donnell vacancy) will face primary opposition. Judge Michael Perry Gerber, who was appointed to the Lawrence vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court, filed this morning to run as a Republican for the vacancy. He would face Daniel Patrick Fitzgerald in a contested Republican primary. Christine Svenson, who filed as a Republican for the O'Donnell vacancy, is also unopposed, setting up a potential general election match against Judge Betar.

Karla Marie Fiaoni, pictured at left, who filed for a 15th Subcircuit vacancy as a Republican in the 2014 primary cycle, but withdrew from that race, is the only Republican to file this morning for the Zelezinski vacancy. A former Chicago Heights Police Chief, Fiaoni also sought a 15th Subcircuit vacancy in 2010. Two Democratic candidates, Judge Anthony C. Swanagan and Scott McKenna, have filed for this vacancy.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to the both of them! Rosa Silva is the beginning of the PD takeover. I see that there are at least 15 PDs/Former PDs running in various races!It's a new day in Cook County!