Thursday, December 07, 2017

One, and only one, new Cook County judicial vacancy during the 'special filing period'

The December 1 decision of the Illinois Courts Commission to retire Judge Valarie Turner creates a sixth vacancy in the 2nd Subcircuit.

The many and various rumors notwithstanding, this was the only #CookCountyJudicial vacancy to open up during the special judicial filing period.

Petitions for this new vacancy can be filed between Monday, December 18 and close of business on Tuesday, December 26.


Anonymous said...

I think there are only 2 candidates that have filed in multiple races. By what date do they need to decide and pick one race ?

Anonymous said...

Come on, Jack. Couldn't you have kept printed this one on 12/24? And yes, I plan to file.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Howard Brookins has been promised the appointment after he files for the vacancy on 12/26. Unless, of course, Bobby Rush retires.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Willis
Ubi O'Neal
Howard Brookins
Kina Arnold

All circulating in this one. Also Tiana Ellis-Blakely also sending FB requests for petition help with the intention of filing 12/26. THAT makes no sense because she has a great 1-1 race against Fred Bates.

Anonymous said...

Public Defender Wesley Willis spotted circulating petitions for Valarie Turner vacancy and has a Facebook campaign page. Go Wes! Now we have a PD or former PD in all six races. PD power!