Friday, August 25, 2017

September 14 fundraiser set for Richard 'Rick' Cenar

Richard 'Rick' Cenar is the Cook County Democratic Party's eighth alternate choice for a countywide vacancy (meaning that, should an eighth new countywide vacancy appear, over and above the seven vacancies for which the party made endorsements earlier this month, Cenar would be the party's choice in that race). However, the Cenar campaign is not merely waiting for retirement announcements to be posted; they're raising funds.

Cenar's supporters have scheduled a September 14 reception for their candidate-in-waiting at the Erie Cafe, 536 W. Erie Street. Tickets are $100 each, but sponsorships are available (Friend - $250, Supporter - $500, Host - $1,000).

Cenar is a resident of the 10th Subcircuit. He ran for a 10th Subcircuit vacancy in the 2016 primary. For more information about the September 14 event, email

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Anonymous said...

So Cenar promised not to run against anyone and got alternate countywide; then he promises not to run against 10th sub slate and gets alternate there; but he continues to fundraiser.

Since he is 8th alternate countywide, either Rick knows an asteroid is going to hit East Bank Club and wipe out the judges who have their chambers there, or he knows about an upcoming vacancy in 10.

Or he's just going to run against the party anyway like he did last election.

Rick's not raising money for his 2020 bid, folks. No asteroids in the news, so I put my money on a late vacancy in 10, the kind where the person with the advanced knowledge gets five days of signature collecting under his belt before BOE gets around to announcing it.

Such a fair process. No other elected office deals with these late vacancy shenanigans, and it's not as if traffic court will close if those seats aren't elected ASAP. The high court loves to appoint friends & family to those two temp jobs.

My kinda town.