Monday, August 28, 2017

September 14 fundraiser for Judge Kent Delgado

A Palos Heights venue, Zachary's Grill, 13415 South Ridgeland Avenue, has been selected by Judge Kent Delgado's supporters as the site for a fundraiser they will throw on behalf of their candidate on Thursday, September 14, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

No, Palos Heights is not in the 6th Subcircuit; it's not even close. Indeed, some lifelong north siders may need maps and a compass to supplement their GPS should they decide to journey to this far southwest suburb. However, even though the Clerk of the Circuit Court seems to think that Cook County has been divided into six county-lets (which is the only possible excuse that could be offered as to why we can no longer file papers for Daley Center matters at any suburban courthouse), this is not in fact the case. What's more, United States currency is just as freely negotiable in Palos Heights as it is in Logan Square.

The listed hosts for the reception are Hon. Colleen McSweeney Moore (Ret.), John Fairman, Steven Skinner, Robert Olson, Dennis Dwyer and Michael Chomiak. Tickets are $100 each, and sponsorships are available (Neighbor - $250, Friend - $500, Patron - $1,000, and Benefactor - $2,500).

To obtain more information about the event, or to procure tickets, email Neighbors to Elect Judge Kent Delgado.


Anonymous said...

Judge Delgado was an ASA in the 5th District (Bridgeview) and the hosts are 5th District regulars.

Jack Leyhane said...

Well, that makes sense.

Anonymous said...


Very telling about where this guy is really from.

Burke appointee and southwest sider all the way.

Can't wait to see what his ground troops will look like in Humboldt Park.


Jack Leyhane said...

Hey Anon 8/29 @8:43 a.m. -- Not taking sides here... but I did have an office in Beverly, across from the Rock Island station at 99th Street for just about two years -- and I never moved from my Norwood Park home. One can work in a different part of the county from that part where one lives.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a 24 month bout of the old lace curtain envy, common for those who fled to the northwest side during the colcannon diaspora.