Monday, January 09, 2017

Justice Theis announces application process for new vacancies in 2nd, 4th Subcircuits

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis has announced that her screening committee will consider applicants for new Circuit Court vacancies in the 2nd and 4th Subcircuits.

The links in the preceding sentence will take you to the Court's press releases announcing the application processes.

Attorneys interested in either vacancy must submit their applications by 4:00 p.m., Friday, February 3. Applications can be requested through the Illinois Courts website (or click here to request 4th Subcircuit application; click here to request 2nd Subcircuit application.) Applications may be submitted by email to or by regular mail to Supreme Court of Illinois, Attn: Ms. Laurie Marino, 160 N. LaSalle Street, Suite N2013, Chicago, IL 60601.

Applicants must reside in the subcircuit from which they seek appointment. Persons who have previously completed an application for Justice Theis's special screening committee must nevertheless complete and submit a new application.

The 2nd Subcircuit vacancy is created by the pending retirement of Judge Camille E. Willis; the 4th Subcircuit vacancy is created by the retirement of Judge Thomas Davy.

Justice Theis's screening committee is co-chaired by retired U.S. District Court Judge Wayne R. Andersen and retired Illinois Appellate Court Justice Michael J. Gallagher.


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Joanne Rosado got an appointment to the 11th subcircuit vacancy

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This is so refreshing to see an open process like this. Hardworking, normal attorneys with no clout or juice can be appointed judge on merit. Next time some naysayer talks about "the Chicago way," you remind them that in "The City that Works," we play fair.