Sunday, August 02, 2015

Nichole C. Patton planning 2016 judicial bid?

Nichole C. Patton has a Facebook page announcing her plans to run for Cook County Circuit Court judge in the March 2016 primary. That's a link to the Facebook page in the preceding sentence; there is as yet no campaign website that I can find (the website link on the Facebook page is not active). When there is a campaign website, I'll add it to the blog Sidebar.

Patton filed for the Appellate Court in the 2014 Primary, but withdrew. She ran for the Circuit Court countywide in 2012, and from the 15th Subcircuit in 2010.

Patton is an Assistant State's Attorney. She has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1997.


Anonymous said...


What are your thoughts on the CBA Rule 31 waivers being sent out now? Although I received a favorable rating, I wasn't afforded the opportunity to highlight my experiences to a panel. As a lawyer, I have a genetic predisposition to "argue my case." I feel somewhat deflated for not having that opportunity. Thoughts?

-a fellow applicant.

Anonymous said...

Argue what? After you have won your case - it's time to shut up. Don't be an idiot.