Friday, August 21, 2015

FWIW tops 1,000,000 page views

It happened sometime last night.

Here is how matters stood when I left the office last evening:

And here is how things looked when I signed on this morning:

Fellow bloggers will understand the near-obsessive concern with stats; that means 99% of my regular readers will respond with a hearty who cares?

Still, you have to admit, a million seems like a nice, round number. It even gives a blog a certain weight of authority or gravitas, occasional posts like this one notwithstanding.

I would think the achievement even more substantial were I not persuaded (by the comments I've intercepted in comment moderation) that thousands of these one-million-plus page views were initiated by shady characters looking to place spam ads for sex toys or knockoff fashion goods. Of course, since I delete all those comments, you need never know about these.


Well, anyway, most of the people arriving here at FWIW are looking for information about Cook County judicial races -- candidates, lawyers thinking about becoming candidates, judges, campaign consultants, and (when election time draws near) actual voters, at least some of whom must think that FWIW is a resource for making informed decisions on judicial candidates. So, that's good. I think.

Page Two of this blog is not nearly as popular as this one (not quite 85,000 page views according to the stats page). But that's hardly surprising, since Page Two isn't updated that frequently, except at the height of the election seasons, and the content there is not only irregular, but eclectic.

In any event, thank you for visiting FWIW. Now, onward to our 2,000,000th page view....


Anonymous said...


Or better yet, "Felicidades!"

A true fan, E.P.

Anonymous said...

You know what? A million page views is a million page views. That means people (like me) are coming back and that's because your posts are timely, informative and well written.

So well deserved congratulations and please keep up the great work.

Albert said...

Congrats; nice milestone.

Anonymous said...

Jack, what a great accomplishment. Thank you for your service and for giving E.P. an outlet vent steam.

Dawn G. said...

Congratulations on your 1Mth view. I know I have viewed many, many times over the years.