Monday, July 08, 2013

The American Bar Association starts compiling its annual list of the nation's Top 100 "Blawgs"

The American Bar Association has begun its annual search for the nation's Top 100 legal-themed blogs (hence, "blawgs") and is soliciting nominations for said list from you, the blog- (or blawg- ) reading public.

Further information -- and a nomination form -- is available via this ABA Journal Law News Now link.

There are, of course, rules. You must nominate each of your favorites separately. And the ABA wants you to know that it frowns on bloggers who nominate their own blogs. It also heartily disapproves of PR flacks (public relations professionals) "in the employ of lawyers or law firms who nominate their clients’ blogs." Quoting further from the ABA's email today soliciting nominations:
There is no specific criteria that bloggers can meet to be guaranteed a spot on the Blawg 100. And we think our list would suffer if there were. A blog’s whole can be greater than the sum of its parts, and a blog that never fails to post that daily update, has a beautiful design and an unwavering topical focus can very often have less of an impact than another blog that is less consistent on all fronts.

That said, please keep these criteria in mind when submitting Blawg 100 amici:
  • The author of the blog should be recognizable as someone working in a legal field or studying law in the vast majority of his or her posts.
  • The blog should be written with an audience of legal professionals or law students—rather than potential clients or potential law students—in mind.

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