Monday, July 29, 2013

ISBE publishes 2014 campaign calendar

The Illinois State Board of Elections has published what it calls an "Election Calendar at a Glance" for the upcoming 2014 primary election.

The first day on which 2014 candidates (including judicial candidates) can circulate petitions is September 3. The regular filing period opens November 25 -- and closes December 2.

The ISBE has not yet posted a list of Cook County judicial vacancies -- but if this election cycle is like the last one, we can expect a list to go up sometime in August. Whenever the list does go up, it will still be subject to change if and when new vacancies occur.

According to the ISBE calendar, there will be a special judicial filing period from December 16 through December 23 for judicial vacancies that occur between November 11 and December 2. And that means that a judicial vacancy posted as late as November 10 will be included in the regular filing period. Prospective candidates (and bloggers) will have to pay careful attention.

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