Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Retention judges can breathe easier?

Just under half the judicial retention votes are already counted -- and it's only 8:00p.m. (Modern technology is amazing.)

It is a matter of historic fact that those judges who receive the most strongly negative reviews trail behind their more-favorably-rated colleagues.

So I'm looking this evening at three judges on the retention ballots who received the least favorable ratings.

With just under 50% of the votes counted, Judge Cynthia Brim has received 'yes' votes on the question of her retention from just over 62% of the voters so far. Judge Gloria Chevere has also received 'yes' votes of just over 62%. Judge Pamela Hill-Veal, who refused to participate in any of the bar association reviews, is polling a favorable vote of just under 62%. A judge must get 'yes' votes from 60% of the voters in order to remain in office (60% + 1). If these numbers hold up, these three judges will keep their seats -- and, by extension, all the retention judges are likely to remain in office.

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