Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Results so far in contested subcircuit races

There are only three subcircuit contests, one in the 12th Subcircuit and two in the 4th Subcircuit.

In the 12th Subcircuit, with just over 75% of the votes counted, Judge Andrea Schleifer is ahead of Republican challenger James Paul Pieczonka by about 5,500 votes, 46,396 to 40,865.

In the 4th Subcircuit, in the race for the Riley vacancy, with just over 75% of the votes counted, Democratic candidate Terry Gallagher is ahead of Republican Harry J. Fournier, 48,523 to 28,868.

In the 4th Subcircuit "A" vacancy race, Democrat Edward M. Maloney is ahead of Republican Christine Cook, 47,828 to 31,257.

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