Friday, November 02, 2012

IVI-IPO makes "yes" recommendations in certain retention races

The Independent Voters of Illinois - Independent Precinct Organization has posted its endorsements for the November election. That's a link to the IVI-IPO's endorsement page in the preceding sentence.

Among their endorsements, the IVI-IPO has singled out several Circuit Court judges seeking retention and recommended a "yes" vote. These retention candidates are:
  • Moshe Jacobius,
  • Stuart F. Lubin,
  • Raymond Funderburk,
  • Robert Lopez Cepero,
  • Garritt E. Howard,
  • E. Kenneth Wright Jr.,
  • Lisa Ruble Murphy,
  • James M. Varga,
  • Camille E. Willis,
  • Maura Slattery Boyle,
  • Thomas David Roti,
  • Colleen F. Sheehan,
  • Orville E. Hambright,
  • Michael J. Howlett, Jr.,
  • Carl Anthony Walker,
  • Gloria Chevere,
  • Grace G. Dickler,
  • Carol M. Howard, and
  • Diane M. Shelley.
Judges Jacobius, Lubin, Howlett, and Dickler are among the nine judges singled out by the Chicago Council of Lawyers as "well qualified" for retention.

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