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Who currently sits where

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Most Cook County judicial vacancies aren't really vacant.

The Illinois Supreme Court can fill these vacancies by appointment, and often does.

The persons appointed must seek election, either to the seats to which they were appointed, or to some other vacancy.

Particularly in the countywide races, it all depends on who is slated by the Cook County Democratic Party. Sometimes the party will slate the appointed judge -- but not always.

So here is a list of the vacancies and, where known, the identity of the person appointed. If no name is indicated, it may mean that the vacancy has not been filled -- it at least means that I have been unable to ascertain who has been appointed.

I mean no disrespect to anyone whom I've omitted and will be happy to update the list as circumstances require:

Countywide Vacancies

Vacancy of the Hon. Richard B. Berland -- William H. Hooks
Vacancy of the Hon. Philip L. Bronstein -- Nicholas Geanopoulos
Vacancy of the Hon. Francis J. Dolan -- Geary W. Kull
Vacancy of the Hon. Marsha D. Hayes -- Raymond W. Mitchell
Vacancy of the Hon. Daniel J. Kelley -- John Patrick Callahan
Vacancy of the Hon. James P. O’Malley -- Thomas V. Lyons II
Vacancy of the Hon. Ronald C. Riley -- William R. Jackson Jr.

1st Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Sharon Johnson Coleman -- Thaddeus L. Wilson
Vacancy of the Hon. John O. Steele -- LaGuina Clay-Clark

3rd Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Thomas F. Carmody, Jr. -- Allen F. Murphy
Vacancy of the Hon. Daniel P. Darcy -- Edward S. Harmening
Additional Judgeship A -- Daniel B. Malone

9th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Sandra R. Otaka -- Yehuda P. Lebovits
Additional Judgeship A -- Michael Ian Bender

(Note: The Supreme Court, on October 3, 2008, appointed Bender, then the Cook County Public Administrator, to a vacancy "created by the retirement of the Honorable William Patrick O'Malley" -- not to an "additional judgeship." Per email received since this was initially posted, however, Judge O'Malley had been elected to an old city-only judgeship -- these were abolished when the subcircuits were created -- that was converted to a 9th subcircuit seat. I wrote to the State Board of Elections for clarification when I made this initial post, and I'll be pleased to pass along any additional information received from that quarter. However, this is an explanation that appears to fit the facts and I thank the person who took time to pass this along.)

11th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Barbara Riley -- Steven J. Fruth

14th Subcircuit

Additional Judgeship A -- Daniel J. Pierce

15th Subcircuit

Vacancy of the Hon. Marcella C. Lipinski -- John A. Wasilewski
Vacancy of the Hon. Thomas P. Panichi -- George Scully, Jr.
Vacancy of the Hon. William M. Phelan -- John C. Griffin

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