Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Judicial candidate evaluations get underway

Petitions aren't the only things that serious judicial candidates should be wrestling with right now.

Both the Chicago Bar Association and the Alliance of Bar Associations for Judicial Screening have announced plans for early screening of judicial hopefuls.

Right now, the Chicago Bar Association is focusing on candidates hoping to appear before a party slating committee. That link will get you to the candidate information page on the CBA website; from there you can access the Candidate Questionnaire (a Microsoft Word file) and other relevant forms. Visit that page before you contact the CBA's Therese Kurth at

Meanwhile, the Illinois State Bar Association's Joyce Williams (who coordinates Alliance screenings in Cook County) advises that of the Alliance has also implemented an early-decision review process for judicial hopefuls.

The Alliance is inviting applications from candidates who have not already been evaluated by the Alliance bars and all sitting judges seeking a higher office to submit applications for "early review." Applications will be accepted beginning September 1 and must be submitted by no later than October 12 in order to qualify for early review. (The absolute drop-dead date for submission of a questionnaire to the Alliance is November 30. According to Ms. Williams, "any late submissions will result in a rating of 'not evaluated' or 'not recommended/qualified' if the candidate decides to run in the 2010 primary election.") Williams said the Alliance early review is not for slating purposes.

The Alliance questionnaire (also a Word file) can be accessed from this page on the ISBA website. Candidates should visit that page before directing any questions to Ms. Williams at

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