Monday, November 03, 2008

Illinois voters: You should receive this notice before voting

(Click to enlarge if necessary.)

You are looking at a notice you should receive tomorrow when you vote. (Early voters, absentee voters, you should already have seen this notice.)

From an email received from the CBA and sent to all CBA members:
As you have probably heard, the CBA has filed suit challenging the form of the ballot for the referendum in the upcoming election about the calling of a Constitutional Convention in Illinois. The CBA has not taken a position supporting or opposing holding a Constitutional Convention. Our lawsuit is simply intended to ensure that the referendum is conducted in a fair and constitutional manner.

The circuit and appellate courts have agreed with us that the form of ballot certified by the State Board of Elections is inaccurate, biased, and misleading. The courts have ordered that each voter, before voting, be given a "Corrective Notice" in the form [shown above]. All voters throughout Illinois are supposed to receive the Notice, including those voting by absentee ballot, Early Voting, and on Election Day.
If you don't receive this notice when you vote, ask for it.

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