Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Cook County contested subcircuit results

According to figures posted on the website of Cook County Clerk David Orr, with 98.56% of the votes counted, Democrat Pat Rogers easily defeated Republican Maureen H. Masterson-Pulia for the Fourth Subcircuit Schultz vacancy.

In the 15th Subcircuit, with 98.12% of the votes counted, Democrat Anna Helen Demacopoulous bested Republican Peter Fera, with a margin of over 32,000 votes.

In the 12th Subcircuit race for the Devlin vacancy, with 97.64% of the votes counted, Democrat Pamela Elizabeth Loza appears to have bested Republican Laura J. Morask by just over 10,000 votes.

The margins in the two contested 13th Subcircuit races were much closer. In the race for the Ryan vacancy, with only eight precincts still outstanding, Republican Annie O'Donnell was clinging to a 385 vote lead in her race over Democrat Ann Catherine Brady. As of 2:58 a.m., the Cook County Clerk's website showed O'Donnell with 56,208 votes to Brady's 55,823.

The race for the Tobin vacancy is not quite as close. Republican Margarita Kulys Hoffman had a 1,488 vote lead over Democrat Carol L. Barnes 293 of 301 precincts reporting. Hoffman had 55,951 votes to Barnes' 54,463.


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Anonymous said...

I am a practicing attorney in Illinois and I have defended cases against Morask and am very grateful she is not a judge.

She has demonstrated time and time again that she is not a fair prosecutor. In fact, her misdconduct has resulted in several reversals in the appellate court, which at times, named her in its opinions. Her behavior has damaged the integrity of the criminal justice system and I believe she lacks the temperament to be a judge, and i am so grateful that she was defeated by a fine member of the bar.

Additionally, I know of one innocent person who Ms. Morask prosecuted wrongfully. We should all celebrate that Morask is not a judge. I question whether she should even have a law license, and believe, that at the very least, she should not be vested with the power of and assistant state's attorney.

I am glad she is not a judge, and hope that State's Attorny Alvarez makes sure Ms. Morask is not in a position to prosecute anymore cases in Cook County. She has proven that she is not up to that task.

Congratulations Ms. Loza

Anonymous said...

We, the undersigned members of the defense bar together have a combined experience level of hundreds of years and have handled some of the highest profile and most difficult cases in the country. Today we want to let you know that we wholeheartedly endorsed and supported the candidacy of one of our most worthy opponents in the courtroom; Laura Morask. Each of us have had the opportunity to try a case with Laura as the Prosecuting attorney. It is said that having a good lawyer as an opponent makes you a far better lawyer. Laura is the best. Like us, Laura believes in her cases, and spends hours late into the night preparing them . Furthermore, Laura has the highest level of integrity and is always a straight shooter. There is no game playing. We know we are in a courtroom with a professional when Laura is there. In fact, many of the Judges who presided over our cases have commented at these trials, that all young lawyers would benefit from coming to watch her closing arguments. Every judge with whom we have had cases with Laura as the opponent have vouched for and appreciate her professionalism, honesty, common sense. Laura is extraordinarily well regarded by courtroom staff, public defenders, her peers, and the young assistants she trains.
It is thus all the more when disturbing cowards and bullies such as yourself feel the need to engage in such defamatory garbage as you spew in this comment. It is clear to us, if not the entire reading public you have some bizarre inappropriate vendetta.
Over the years, we have been called by numerous bar associations and the Illinois Supreme Court Capital Litigation trial bar when screening applicants and we have been proud to wholeheartedly without reservation recommend Laura as a future outstanding Judge.
Out of hundreds of cases and victims served by Ms. Morask, three opinions criticized her for "sarcasm" . Of course the agenda driven Tribune brought them to the attention of the ARDC in 2002, over 6 years ago. Many of us wrote letters to the ARDC in support of Laura. These three cases were closed by the ARDC and Laura was completely cleared. In one of the cases the State's Attorney of Cook County, Mr. Devine was so determined to personally vouch for Laura's integrity and professionalism he made a special appearance to personally argue the case to the Illinois Supreme Court where that court affirmed the conviction.
The simple fact is Laura has the most number of jury trials of any lawyer in Cook County, all of them serious, class x felonies or above, is a foremost expert in DNA and forensics, and works tirelessly on behalf of victims of child molesters, rapists, and gang crimes. How easy it is to criticize, belittle and tear down, particularly for anonymous cowards such as yourself. A man is as a man does. This is never more clear than now when , Laura is out there on the frontlines of the battle to better our communities and you hide behind your computer bent on destruction.

Richard Beuke & The Law offices of Richard Beuke
53 W. Jackson, Suite 1403
Chicago, IL 60604

Anonymous said...

Hello there, High-School Musical! Apparently, someone doesn't realize the race is over. Goodness, your comments are a new low. First, for the people who attack Ms. Morask, she is a solid criminal attorney who has made a commitment to the State's Attorney's Office. She should be commended, not attacked, for doing so. Second, Ms. Loza did not run a ticket of being Hispanic. She is multilingual. People assume she is Hispanic because of her last name. You are correct she is Hungarian. More specifically, she is Magyar. You cross a line with your attacks about Dr. Mikos. Attacking family is a new low. We all encourage our clients to use Viper Detective Agency and other such agencies in family law cases, when appropriate. What's your point? Ms. Loza personally delivered cookies. She did not ask election judges to vote for her. Not only would that be illegal, it would be stupid. The election judges vote first, then start their shift. What could she gain by asking them to vote for her when they already had done so. Your defamatory comments really are brave, Anonymous. The election is over. Get therapy and move on. The candidates have.

Anonymous said...

Normally, I read this blog and just smile - the back and forth of grown adults acting like jr. high scool girls is truly amusing. However, the most recent comment posted on 11/6 struck a chord so deep that I can't stay quiet.

First of all, Pamela E. Loza ran a very fair and hard campaign. Let's not forget she was endorsed by both the Chicago Tribune (a notoriously Republican periodical) AND the Chicago Sun-Times. Truth be told, most people probably took their voting guides into the polling places with them and cast their ballots accordingly. Accusations about "negative campaigns" might hold a bit more water if Morask were endorsed by at least one of these papers. But she wasn't...

Furthermore, Judge Loza went out and met the people she hoped to serve, shaking hands at train stations nearly every morning and passing out literature at Farmers Markets each weekend. Ms. Morask didn't "pound the pavement" with the same passion as Judge Loza. Simply put, Pamela E. Loza shouldn't be criticized for running a better and smarter campaign. She bested Morask - plain and simple.

Additionally Ms. Kaman is correct, Pamela E. Loza is both Hungarian AND fluent is Spanish (as well as, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese). Her ex-husband, and the father of her only child was South American (he passed away almost 16 years ago), hence the "Loza." She kept his last name so that her daughter wouldn't feel alienated. After years of using it professionally (again, for her daughter's sake) in tandem with her ability to speak Spanish, people have assumed she's Hispanic. Ms. Loza shouldn't be held accountable for peoples' assumptions. If asked, she will proudly name herself a Magyar. That being said, she certainly has serviced the Spanish-speaking/Hispanic community, and her knowledge of this culture shouldn't be held against her. In fact, she should be applauded for moving outside of her immediate comfort zone and breaking down boundaries. Isn't our President-elect also proof of this?

Finally, the assertion that Ms. Loza met Dr. Mikos while doing his divorce is ridiculous (however, it would have been perfectly legal). Pamela Loza and Dr. Mikos were set-up on a date by her daughter and his niece. Yes, two teenagers decided to pull a "Parent Trap" and it actually worked out.

The election is over folks. Pamela E. Loza has been elected by the people and for the people. Slinging mud after November 4th is not only classless, but smacks of desperation. In short, don't be a sore loser or a gloating victor.

Anonymous said...

In response to Val D;

your comment seemed to be the most junior high. You claim that people should move beyond this race yet talk about how Ms. Morask didn't pound the pavement. I am not sure what train stations you refer to as I was with Ms. Morask personally each morning from 6Am on at every train station along the the chicago harvard line that was in the 12th subsircuit for three weeks prior to election day and much more in the primary and not once did we see Ms. Loza until the day before election day. You also say (while saying don't be a gloater) that ms. Loza ran a better campaign. If by that you mean claiming a false endorsement by a major suburban newspaper which published an article that her claim was false but the damage was done as your candidate sent literature to 140,000 voters with this endorsement despite knowledge that her endorsement session had taken place literally the day before. If you consider things such as this as "hard" campaigning that "bests" there is no use commenting to you. If you consider tactics such as that as well as the juvenile behavior of stealing signs, placing her signs illegally on parkways (such that Mayors of three towns said she was ruining their respective towns which didn't seem to matter much because as soon as a public works person removed Loza illegal signs, up they went again.)it is truly amazing that you consider that a fair campaign. No one cares if Ms. Loza wants to portray herself any way she wants, Magyar, Spanish, Jewish. Ironically, Ms. Morask is Jewish and hungarian as well. None of that matters. What matters as the commentator above was trying to point out is that even the little things Ms. Loza did such as openly electioneer with cookies while voters were in the place (State's attorneys had to go investigate three separate complaints) reflect the bigger picture of the manner and methods Loza used to campaign and if you think those were fair, you have definitely lived in Chicago too long. One final point is that it speaks volumes when you say that the tribune is a Republican bastion. What paper have you been reading? They endorsed Barak Obama-of course they endorsed the democrat Pam Loza. You seem intelligent enough to form your own opinions without resort to relying on what oftentimes biased journalism brings you so perhaps you should take a good long look at your friend and new judge and the process you thought was "fair and hard" and dig down deep in your soul if you should ever run for office. We only need more positive ethical campaigns, not the opposite under the guise of "fair and hard" Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that Sue Kamman admitted that Pamela E. Loza personally delivered the cookies! Wow, Loza's more brazen that I would have guessed!
I was in the polling place when a woman came in with cookies. I heard the woman say, "Hello, Everybody! I have cookies from Pamela E. Loza, who is a candidate for Judge and I hope everyone votes for her.
I realized that this was illegal electioneering and reported it to the Polling Place Judge (who agreed), called Lisa Madigan's office, and called Election Central.
What part of "fair campaigning" is this? In what country is this fair, cuz it ain't fair here!

And..I heard about Dr. Mikos and Pam Loza's taking things off the boat that Cameron and Loza's theft, pure and simple. Look up the case cited by the other poster! I sure did!

Anonymous said...

Here's another comment about Pamela E. Loza. I've seen her in Court, in action. She's always late for court times. She doesn't show up. She represents abusers and wife beaters, and lies about the women they've tormented. She has a really bad reputation in the domestic violence counseling because Loza represents the guys who have beaten up the women who are in counseling sessions.

I've heard from many of her victims, and Loza has a reputation for being sloppy in her work. Her briefs are riddled with errors and she attempts to pass off her mistakes as the fault of the opposing party.

I;ve seen copies of her contracts with her clients. It's illegal to keep hold of the client files if the client requests them back...the client owns the files. And yet, Loza has it in her contract that she places a "lien" on the files and all within those files until the client pays. Of course, she is entitled to her one would argue with that. But...she does not own the client's files.
Further, she places liens on the opposing party's home...rather than collect from her client all along. She actually encourages her client NOT to pay as he/she goes along, but rather to forego paying so that Loza can get in one more knife thrust when she places a lien on the other party's property.

This woman does not play fair, does not honor the law, and people who voted for her made a grave mistake. She uses the law against rather than to better the world. Now she has power to harm many, rather than just the few she represents as an attorney.

I urge anyone out there who has been unfairly attacked by Pamela E. Loza to file an official complaint to the ARDC and to the Judicial Disciplinary Board.

Citing the truth about Dr. Mikos is not unfair, not when someone brought up Ms. Morask's attempts to take murderers and rapists off the streets. I suppose that hit a sore spot with Liza, because of her brother in law. Let's also talk about Dr. Mikos's brother, Ronald, on death row for murdering his patient so they would not testify against him in the medicaid bilking scheme a few years ago!

Anonymous said...

Comment to Val D.;
Sorry to hear that Mr. Loza passed away 16 years ago. That would be about 1992. A few months before, Ms. Loza's name made the papers because of her being beaten up by her lover. The headlines were awful, "Love-Struck Lawyer opts for Guilty Plea."(Chicago Tribune, Wed. Dec 4, 1991)then there was, "Lawyer Denied Reduced Bond in Beating Case." (Chicago Tribune, Tues., Nov. 19, 1991.)

Pity that Ms. Loza was herself involved in domestic violence and yet violently verbally attacks the victims of her clients.

Val, Mr. Loza may have unfortunately passed away about 16 years ago, but Ms. Loza was pursuing other game by then, and she managed to get even with the man who beat her by tricking him out of an expensive boat.

With her, the ends justify the means.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted that Loza won, she is not honest, very devious and is only after the money. I have had the misfortune of having her involved in my case as a "child's rep". I advise anyone to stay away from her, either as an attorney or a judge in your case.