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4th Subcircuit roundup -- Rogers vs. Masterson-Pulia

In Cook County's Fourth Judicial Subcircuit, Democrat Pat Rogers faces Republican Maureen Masterson-Pulia.

Again, the disparity in the photograph sizes is due to my technical limitations and not to any preference of any kind.

The Chicago Bar Association has rated Rogers qualified:
Patrick Toal Rogers is “Qualified” for the office of Circuit Court Judge. Mr. Rogers was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 1983 and has practiced law for 23 years. He has a diverse practice and possesses the depth and breadth of legal experience to serve as a Circuit Court Judge.
The Chicago Council of Lawyers, however, disagrees:
Pat Rogers was admitted to practice in 1983. He has been in private practice since 1988 and, is currently a solo general practitioner handling municipal, criminal and traffic cases. From 1983 until 1988, he was an Assistant Cook County State's Attorney. Since 1993, he has been a Supervisor for the Township of Lyons and also serves as an Administrative Hearing Officer for several other cities. Mr. Rogers is considered to knowledgeable about his practice areas, which are mainly limited to traffic and municipal matters. His integrity is unquestioned and he has a good temperament. The Council is concerned, however, that he has little experience in complex litigation matters and does not have the range of experience necessary to be judge. The Council finds him Not Qualified for the Circuit Court.
Neither the CBA nor the CCL rated Masterson-Pulia as qualified. Said the CBA:
Maureen Masterson-Pulia is “Not Recommended” for the office of Associate Judge. Ms. Masterson-Pulia was admitted to practice law in Illinois in 1994. Prior to her legal career, the candidate served as a Village Clerk and Village Trustee. She has good management skills and is articulate and poised. She has worked as an arbitrator for the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for the last six and a half years and is well regarded for her timely and well-written decisions. Ms. Masterson-Pulia is a fine candidate but needs to acquire some litigation experience.
As the text of the CBA rating indicates, this is not a new evaluation but is an evaluation that dates from a prior effort by Masterson-Pulia to seek the office of Associate Judge. A footnote explains:
Pursuant to Section 27.4 of the JEC Resolutions and Procedures, a candidate who has been evaluated and found "NOT RECOMMENDED" for the office of Associate Judge and who shall within two years of such a finding be a candidate for Circuit Judge shall be found "NOT RECOMMENDED" without hearing.
The Council stated (also repeating its 2006 Associate Judge evaluation:
Maureen Pulia was admitted to practice in 1984. From 2003 to present, she has been an Arbitrator with the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. From 1997 to 2003 she was Senior Public Service Administrator and Staff Attorney for the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission. Ms. Pulia is reported to have good legal ability and temperament. The Council is concerned, however, that her practice has been narrow and that she lacks sufficient litigation experience as a practitioner in complex matters. The Council finds her Not Qualified to serve in the Circuit Court.
Here are the complete Alliance of Bar Association ratings for Rogers and Masterson-Pulia (click to enlarge):

The Tribune and the Sun-Times have both endorsed Rogers.

In Thursday's Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, John Flynn Rooney reports that Rogers has raised $192,452 for this campaign, including a loan by the candidate to the campaign of $18,987 in late September. Masterson-Pulia has raised $15,381, according to that same article.

Pat Rogers' campaign website is at Maureen Masterson-Pulia's website is

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