Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Seven file in 6th Subcircuit

Each of these seven candidates filed as a Democrat; no Republican has filed in the 6th Subcircuit:

Laura Bertucci Smith was recently appointed to the bench; she's seeking to hold this seat. A former Assistant State's Attorney and a lawyer since 1991, Smith ran in the 6th Subcircuit in 2002. She won the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune, but lost the race to Raul Vega.

Stuart M. Brody was profiled here in an August 30 post. The link in the preceding sentence will take you to that earlier post; this is a link to Brody's website. Brody is a partner in the firm of Sneckenberg, Thompson & Brody, LLP.

Nancy Hallihan Horodecki filed for the countywide Keehan vacancy but also filed in the 6th Subcircuit. Horodecki, admitted to practice in Illinois in 2004, is employed by the Teamsters.

Mauricio Araujo works for James M. Hoffman & Associates, the in-house counsel for American Family Insurance. He was a finalist in the most recent round of Associate Judge selection and is a former president of the Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois.

Mary Katherine M. Moore is an Assistant State's Attorney. She was admitted to practice in 1986. Moore made the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin in 2004 as an organizer of a "charity walk" on behalf of a friend and colleague who died from breast cancer.

Brian Sexton is also an Assistant State's Attorney. A lawyer since 1987, Sexton is a supervisor in the Gang Prosecution Unit. Abdon M. Pallasch recounted Sexton's presentation to the Democratic slatemakers in this article -- but Sexton did not receive a countywide slating. He has, however, also filed for the Nowicki vacancy.

Also filing was "E. Madeline O'Neill." I believe that this must be Eleesha Madeline O'Neill, an attorney since 1980, and, according to ARDC, employed by the Chief Judge's Office at the Cook County Juvenile Courthouse. Eleesha Madeline O'Neill ran for judge in the 6th Subcircuit in 1994 and filed again in 2006. She would have faced off against Gloria Chevere in the race for the "A" vacancy, but she was not on the primary ballot.

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Anonymous said...

For the record, O'Neill is one of 14 Hearing Offficers who were "rewarded" in March for years of dedication and hard work in reducing the backlog of cases in the Child Abuse and Neglect Division of Juvenile Court by being fired in the round of layoffs.

Of those 14, one was quickly hired as a mediator in Juvenile Court, two others were hired by he Public Defender's office, and one (Sheila Devane) had just managed to win election as an Associate Judge. O'Neill is one of the other ten former Hearing Officers.