Monday, October 29, 2007

Judicial hopefuls file for multiple openings

Not all of them, of course.

Slated candidates file only for the vacancy for which they've been slated. And there are a couple of unslated candidates who have filed for only one vacancy....

Well, let's look at the candidates who filed today for countywide vacancies in Cook County and you'll see what I mean:
  1. Thomas J. Byrne -- Lott vacancy -- slated candidate
  2. Thomas A. Doran -- Montelione vacancy
  3. Thaddeus L. Wilson -- Montelione vacancy -- slated candidate
  4. Terry Mac Carthy -- Nowicki, Montelione, Healy, and Glowacki vacancies
  5. Sharon Finegan Patterson -- Murphy, Montelione, Keehan, and Glowacki vacancies and 8th Subcircuit
  6. Russell W. Hartigan -- Montelione vacancy
  7. Peter John Curielli -- Healy and Disko vacancies
  8. Paula M. Lingo -- Murphy vacancy -- slated candidate
  9. Pamela Elizabeth Loza -- Healy vacancy and 12th Subcircuit
  10. Nancy Hallihan Horodecki -- Keehan vacancy and 6th Subcircuit
  11. Michael B. Hyman -- Nowicki vacancy -- slated candidate
  12. Maureen Ward Kirby -- Healy vacancy -- slated candidate
  13. Mary Beth Duffy -- Keehan and Healy vacancies, 15th Subcircuit (Additional Judgeship 'A')
  14. Marilyn F. Johnson -- Keehan vacancy -- slated candidate
  15. Lauretta Higgins Wolfson -- Disko vacancy -- slated candidate
  16. Kristyna Colleen Ryan -- Nowicki and Murphy vacancies
  17. Kim R. Kardas -- Nowicki vacancy
  18. Joseph Robert Papavero -- Montelione and Keehan vacancies
  19. John J. "Jack" Murphy -- Nowicki vacancy
  20. Joanne Marie "Jody" Rogers -- Thomas and Lott vacancies
  21. Joan Powell -- Thomas vacancy -- slated candidate
  22. Jesse G. Reyes -- Glowacki vacancy -- slated candidate
  23. E. Madeline O'Neill -- Thomas vacancy and 6th Subcircuit
  24. Debra B. Walker -- Montelione and Glowacki vacancies
  25. David John Mulvihill -- Thomas and Glowacki vacancies
  26. Brian Terrence Sexton -- Nowicki vacancy and 6th Subcircuit
Candidates can now bargain with each other or otherwise plot and scheme to figure out which race to stay in and which races to drop: Candidates can only stay in one. And, of course, there may be challenges filed to some candidates' petitions.

It's also interesting to see that some of these individuals have given themselves a choice between subcircuit and countywide races.

Some of these names will be familiar to people who've visited here before. We'll start looking at who some of these other people are and who's filed in the Subcircuits as the week goes on....

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully, we will not see the usual rash of petition challenges made solely to tie up a challenger in hearings for half the campaign, even though the candidate has more than enough valid signatures.