Saturday, February 09, 2019

Levander Smith, Jr. appointed to countwide vacancy

The Illinois Supreme Court announced yesterday that Levander Smith, Jr. has been appointed to the countywide vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Diane J. Larsen.

Smith's appointment is effective March 1; it will terminate December 7, 2020.

Licensed in Illinois since 1993, Smith is currently an attorney with the Illinois Department of Children & Family Services. A fairly recent transfer to the Chicago area, Smith previously applied for an associate judgeship in far Downstate St. Clair County in 2013 and 2015.

Smith was a finalist twice over in the last year's Cook County associate judge selection: After making the "short list," Smith wound up in a tie for the last of the 17 vacancies to be filled.


Anonymous said...

first rate guy
superb demeanor

Anonymous said...

Who was the appointing supreme court justice?

Anonymous said...

His name sounds black enough to win, but there is already an Irish gal from the 19th Ward bragging about how she has the Hynes and Sheahan family backing her against "the black guy." Listen up gal, there are three to choose from and there is one with a more ballot-challenged name than "Levander Smith." So get a clue and move on to better pastures . . . with a last name starting with a "B" or a "D."