Thursday, November 08, 2018

One thousand two hundred eighty three new laborers admitted to the legal vineyard

In six ceremonies around the state today (two of them in Chicago), 1,283 new lawyers were admitted to practice in Illinois. Most of these -- 1,051, to be precise -- were admitted at morning and afternoon sessions in Chicago.

Presiding at this morning's session at the Arie Crown Theater were Supreme Court Justices Mary Jane Theis and P. Scott Neville, Jr.

A number of bar association officials were on hand to welcome the new admittees. Two had speaking roles. Shown above is Chicago Bar Association President Steven M. Elrod. Also speaking was Kalia Coleman, Vice President of the Black Women Lawyers' Association.

Appellate Court Justice Mary K. Rochford and ARDC Administrator Jerome E. Larkin moved for admission of the morning class.

Eventually, the new admittees were invited to stand and take the oath.

Many of the this morning's speakers made it a point to tell the new admittees that they had been sitting in that same auditorium once, some longer ago than others, and for the same purpose.

I can not make this claim. That's not the beginning of a stunning confession -- the fact is, in 1980, I was sworn in at a ceremony in Elgin. My parents lived in Lake County at the time. So I admit to some curiosity at seeing how these things are done in the big city.

Still, inasmuch as I have never covered one of these events before, some readers may wonder why I chose to cover today's celebration.

There is, of course, a reason.

Shown here is my daughter-in-law, Gabriella Leyhane, with her parents, Frank and Rose Obregón, and my son, John. I am very happy for, and proud of, Gabby on this special day. My congratulations to her and all the new admittees.


Unknown said...

Congrats to Gabby and her/your whole family!! That's wonderful!

Anonymous said...

No offense, but 15 years from now when she is trying to run for judge --- use the maiden name. Just saying.

Tom Davy said...

Just move the punctuation mark and run as "O'Bregon." Congrats.

Jerry Barrido said...

Congrats Jack!

Jamie Curry said...

Congratulations, Jack!

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Pantle is retiring; new vacancy in the 6th Subcircuit. She is no longer listed on the list of judges in the 6th and she was just replaced by Associate Judge Alfredo Maldonado on the Supreme Court Committee on Education. It's official: let's call this one, Jack!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jack