Tuesday, November 06, 2018

All retention judges seem likely to survive -- except Coghlan

The numbers are starting to stack up now.

With 61% of the City vote counted, Judge Matthew E. Coghlan has 'yes' votes from only 50.44% of the voters. In the suburbs, with just over 40% of the votes counted, Coghlan is faring better -- but still running under the necessary 60% 'yes' vote required for retention.

In contrast, Supreme Court Justice Anne M. Burke has just over 81% 'yes' votes in the City, and nearly an 80% 'yes' vote in suburban returns so far.


Anonymous said...

Existential shift of significant proportions. Whose next in 2020?

Anonymous said...

Who is next?

Megan Goldish
Mauricio Aurujo
Jackie Portman
Kristina Ryan
Bill Raines

These people are being sized for an Injustice Watch bullseye. I wish all, but Mauricio, the best of luck.