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Looking more at the 2018 Associate Judge finalists - part 2

Updated April 30, 2018

Fourteen down, 20 to go. FWIW is looking---in alphabetical order---at the persons who have made the 2018 'Short List' for Cook County Associate Judge. Scroll down, or click here for part 1.

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Judge Myron Franklin Mackoff to an 8th Subcircuit vacancy in late 2016. He could not that seat in the March primary.

Mackoff, the son of longtime Circuit Court Judge Benjamin Mackoff, has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1994. Following his graduation from Northwestern University School of Law, Mackoff worked for several years in the Illinois Attorney General's Environmental Law Division. In 2002, Mackoff left the AG's office to join Hubert, Fowler, & Quinn, later known as the Hubert Law Group. After Donald Hubert's death, in 2006, Mackoff was chosen to wind down the affairs of the firm. Mackoff and Travis Richardson, now also a Circuit Court judge, became law partners in 2007.

Celestia Laurene Mays is a former President of the Cook County Bar Association. Licensed in Illinois since 1990, Mays practices law as Celestia L. Mays, P.C., with an office in Chicago's Loop.

Mays filed for a 5th Subcircuit vacancy in the 2016 primary, but withdrew from the race.

Judge Stephanie Kathryn Miller was appointed to a 6th Subcircuit vacancy in January 2017. She did not hold the seat in the March primary.

Miller was licensed to practice law in Illinois in 1999. An Assistant State's Attorney at the time of her appointment to the bench, Miller has also worked as an Assistant Public Guardian. A member of the Board of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago and co-founder of the National LGBT Prosecutor’s Association, Miller has also served as the treasurer of the National Hispanic Prosecutor’s Association, and the LGBT committee chair for the Hispanic Lawyers’ Association of Illinois.

After 19 years as a Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, Lisette Catherine Mojica recently joined the City of Chicago Law Department, where she now serves as a deputy supervisor and the City Prosecutor. Mojica supervises over 30 attorneys in the Legal Information & Prosecutions Division, which includes traffic prosecutions at the Daley Center, City ordinance violations at five municipal branch courts, administrative notices of violation prosecutions at the Department of Administrative Hearings, and Freedom of Information Act litigation in Chancery Court. She is active in HLAI, the PRBA, and regularly participates in Women Everywhere through the WBAI.

Tisa Lynne Morris has been licensed to practice law in Illinois since 1991. A former Cook County Assistant State's Attorney, Morris was Chief Administrator of the Chicago Police Department's Office of Professional Standards from 2004 to 2007.

After leaving OPS, Morris returned to the State's Attorney's Office, rising to Chief of the Juvenile Justice Bureau at the time of her departure earlier this year. Morris now is a sole practitioner.

Margaret Mary Ogarek has been with the State's Attorney's Office since receiving her law license in 1999. She currently serves as a Wing Supervisor in the SAO's Felony Trial Division. From 2011 until earlier this year Ogarek was Deputy Supervisor in the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Division.

Ogarek has served on the boards of several groups including the Coalition to Improve Prosecution of Criminal Sexual Assault and the National Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (Legal Committee Co-Chair, FBI Working Group).

Diane Marie Pezanoski is a Deputy Corporation Counsel with the City of Chicago in the Law - Aviation, Environmental, Regulatory and Contracts Workgroup. She has been licensed in Illinois since 1985.

Leo Steven Rakowski is a partner with K & R Family Legal Services, LLP in Northbrook. Licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1990, Rakowski is a former President of the Advocates Society and serves as a director of the Polish American Association.

Rakowski has also volunteered as an attorney and director of the Amicus Poloniae Legal Clinic, receiving its 2008 Distinguished Service Award. He has also served as general counsel and volunteer with Chicagoland Golden Gloves Charity.

Judge Travis Richardson was appointed to the Circuit Court in February 2017, soon after the appointment of his one-time law partner, Myron Mackoff.

Richardson was a candidate for 2nd Subcircuit vacancies in both 2016 and 2018, garnering the endorsement of the Chicago Tribune in both races. Richardson also served as a Hearing Examiner for the Chicago Board of Elections between 2010 and 2012. He has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1997.

Lori Michele Rosen is a Cook County Assistant State's Attorney. She has been licensed in Illinois since 1996.

Part 3 of this look at the persons on the Short List will follow as soon as possible. This post will be updated as necessary.

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