Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stephanie Saltouros appointed to 10th Subcircuit vacancy

Still waiting on the press release (I'll link it when it's posted) but the Illinois Supreme Court yesterday appointed Stephanie Saltouros to the 10th Subcircuit vacancy created by the recent elevation of Judge Eileen O'Neill Burke to the Illinois Appellate Court.

Saltouros's appointment is effective September 29 and is scheduled to terminate on December 3, 2018.

FWIW readers will recall that Saltouros was slated by the Democratic Party for a 10th Subcircuit vacancy in the March primary. She withdrew from the race, however, throwing her support to Eve Marie Reilly, the eventual primary winner, and the judge appointed to that vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2014.

The Supreme Court's appointment of Saltouros comes on the recommendation of Justice Mary Jane Theis; Justice Theis announced that her screening committee would consider applicants for the Burke vacancy back in June.

According to the campaign website posted on Saltouros's behalf during her 2016 primary run, Saltouros served as an Assistant State's Attorney from 1996-2008. The campaign website highlighted her experience leading the "Domestic Violence prosecution team in the Second [Municipal] District, where she used her expertise in that area to prosecute hundreds of domestic abusers" and her subsequent service in the Felony Review Unit of the State’s Attorney’s Office, where, according to her campaign site, she "worked closely with police officers from Chicago, Park Ridge, Niles, Des Plaines, and Glenview, assisting in hundreds of investigations that led to the prosecution and conviction of thousands of criminals." The last five years of her career in the State's Attorney's Office were spent as a felony prosecutor. Saltouros has been in private practice since 2008.

Saltouros is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Emergent Theatre Company.


Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court is doing what it can for a Greek community that is in mourning over the closure of the Parthenon on Halsted

Anonymous said...

Thank God wise Justice Theis appointed Saltouros. Think about it. Saltouros, the slated candidate dropped out of the race which may or may not have given an edge to well connected Eve Reilly. The deal was cut and the fix was in early this year.

So wise Justice Theis blows the circus horn and calls in the clown car; all loaded up with the blue ribbon bipartisan judicial selection committee. The 10th sobcircuit applicants all busy themselves getting their three inch thick applications in before the deadline......

And Saltouros comes out on top. Of course she does. And I Thank God she does.

Because if she didn't, I think I might have had a heart attack. Really, a full blown, call 911, grabber. Many of us would have. Can you see the headline? "Sudden rash of attorney deaths - FWIW Blog hits drop by 85%". You see, because of this Blog, I know how this all works now. It's not fair and it's not honest. It's Cook County politics at the highest level. And I live to post my snarky anonymous comments another day.

Now I don't expect Dan Mihalopoulous to write a piece on this one. A little deference to his fellow countryman is understandable. But maybe some other investigative reporter would like to look into these Supreme Court appointments. After all, the real reason two of the Justices have established "processes" and "selection committees" is to look good if the press comes calling. Maybe it's time for the press to come calling?

In the meantime, I sure wish Theis would hurry up and get the Saltouros press release up online. I am waiting to read what a good job the selection committee did and how hard they worked.

Anonymous said...

Frequent readers of this blog will note that "SS" was predicted by handicappers as the favorite to win The Theis Stakes.

Stephanie Oh Stephanie left the gate at 1-5. Also in the money were Top of the Mornin' Colleen and Impatient Ira.

Stephanie Oh Stephanie is trained by Martwick Farms and getting her across the finish line was jockey Juan Cullertonez. You'll recall Stephanie Oh Stephanie was a scratch in the 10th race in the 2016 Cup, opening the field for Life Of Reilly.

Hold your tickets!! Hold your tickets!

There is an Inquiry lodged by EP claiming a friends and family violation.

Dube said...

So right and HONEST

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 7:59 PM,

You absolutely had me in stiches from laughing at your analysis. Especially your Martwick Farms and Juan Colleronez references.

This appointment was Soooo in the bag when she did the right thing and "stepped aside" for the anointed candidate in the primary that it was just a matter of time until she collected her reward.

So unfortunately, I can't lodge a "family and friends" violation with the racing board on this appointment because everyone knew she was "the chalk."

Your fan, E.P.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Anonymous2 re the political process and the payback to Saltouros for waiving her slated candidate position to yield the election to Eve Reilly, the anointed one. But the real mover and shaker here wasn't Eve Reilly, Stephanie Saltouros, Justice Theis , or the Greek community. It was Tom Demetrio of Corboy and Demetrio, the ex-husband of Ms. Reilly that bought and paid for this election of his ex-wife, and the mother of his child. She was barely in the misdemeanor trial courts for less than a year, yet garnered sterling ratings from CBA, ISBA, etc for her experience. It was Demetrio that had the experience not only to bankroll the election, clear the bar assn ratings and still, find time to urge the slated candidate to yield. Did he know that Judge Theis and her committee would appoint Saltouras as soon as the smoke cleared?
Perhaps the press could learn how much Demetrio or his firm has contributed to Theis, the Democratic party or any other political charity of the Supreme Court? I bet that would be interesting. Congratulation Judge Reilly and Judge Saltouros. Well done. Sorry to those other extremely experienced candidates that actually ran the race.

Anonymous said...

Very disappointing appointment. She will not make a good judge. Yet another former state's attorney in the already penal heavy judiciary. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing about Saltouros, but Judge Reilly is bright, affable, compassionate and hard-working.

One has to wonder if the Supreme Court appointed Jesus if the readers of this blog would complain that he wears sandals.

Anonymous said...

Jesus? I can find no evidence in the Bible that Jesus worked for Justice Theis as a law clerk. Therefore, she would never appoint him. It takes more than being able to walk on water.

Anonymous said...

The real Jesus wouldn't let Theis get away with her law clerk appointments. But Petty Jesus? Oh, yeah. This is his work. He told me he's on her committee. Black Lady Who Reads.