Monday, December 14, 2015

Six candidates file for Johnson vacancy on 1st day of special judicial filing period

Six candidates for the countywide Johnson vacancy were in line this morning when the Illinois State Board of Elections opened its doors for the first day of the special judicial filing period.

The Democratic Party's pre-slated candidate, Sean Chaudhuri, pictured here, was one of these. Gregory Raymond LaPapa, who recently withdrew from the race for the countywide Love vacancy also filed for this vacancy, as did Tom Courtney, who (at last check) has yet to withdraw from the race for the countywide Karnezis vacancy.

Carolyn J. Gallagher is the only female candidate to file for this vacancy so far. The other two candidates filing this morning are Peter Martin Kramer and Mark A. Lyon. According to ARDC, Kramer is employed by the Cook County Sheriff; he has been licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 2002. Lyon is a DuPage County Assistant Public Defender, according to ARDC; he has been licensed in Illinois since 1986.

Meanwhile, Pat Heneghan is so far the only candidate to file for the countywide Palmer vacancy. Heneghan was pre-slated by the Democratic Party for this newly-opened vacancy.

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