Friday, May 09, 2014

Kristal Rivers appointed to the Cook County Circuit Court; to replace Peter Vilkelis in Connors vacancy

The Illinois Supreme Court today terminated Peter J. Vilkelis's appointment to the Connors vacancy on the Cook County Circuit Court. His tenure in that vacancy ends on Monday, May 12.

Judge Vilkelis sought election to the Connors vacancy in the March primary, but he was defeated by Assistant Attorney General Kristal Rivers. Rivers (like all but one Cook County judicial nominee) is unopposed in November and would have taken office on December 1. Today, however, the Supreme Court appointed Rivers to the Connors vacancy, effective June 2.

But please note that the Illinois Supreme Court has not turned Judge Vilkelis out into the cold: He was elected Associate Judge by his fellow Cook County jurists (and on a write-in basis, no less). He will be sworn into that office, along with the other 12 new Associate Judges, on May 12.

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