Tuesday, May 06, 2014

John Michael Allegretti gets an early start on his judicial career

John Michael Allegretti won his Democratic primary race for the Mulhern vacancy in the 4th Subcircuit in March. Like nearly all of the primary winners (all but one, in fact) Allegretti faces no opponent in November.

But Allegretti will not have to wait until the first Monday in December to assume his new duties. Yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court appointed Allegretti to the Mulhern vacancy. The appointment is effective tomorrow; it expires on December 1, the day on which Allegretti would otherwise have been sworn in.


Anonymous said...

State Rep Michael Zalewski replaces Allegretti as the Dem Committeeman for Riverside Township

Anonymous said...

Not to be confused with his father, Alderman Michael Zalewski, who is also a committeeman (23rd ward)