Saturday, December 01, 2012

Judges Moreland, Fletcher and Vilkelis receive new appointments

Updated, corrected and link fixed.

Three Cook County Circuit Court judges whose current appointments were about to expire received new appointments from the Illinois Supreme Court in orders entered Friday, November 30.

Judge Kenneth L. Fletcher has been appointed to a 10th Subcircuit vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Susan J. McDunn. Judge Fletcher was originally appointed to the Pucinski vacancy in the 10th Subcircuit and was an unsuccessful candidate for that seat in the 2008 primary. He was subsequently recalled to judicial service by the Supreme Court, most recently in 2009.

Judge Caroline K. Moreland was appointed to the countywide vacancy created by the elevation of Judge Nathaniel R. Howse, Jr. to the Appellate Court. Judge Moreland was first appointed to the bench in 2010, filling a vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Victoria Stewart. After the Democratic Party slated Judge Pamela M. Leeming for this vacancy, Judge Moreland filed for the Stralka vacancy for the March 2012 primary. She later withdrew from that race.

The Illinois Supreme Court also appointed Judge Peter J. Vilkelis to the vacancy created by the elevation of Judge Maureen E. Connors to the Appellate Court. Initially appointed to the countywide O'Brien vacancy in 2011, Judge Vilkelis was unsuccessful in his bid to win the countywide Ward vacancy in the March 2012 primary.

Each of these appointments are effective December 3. Judge Fletcher's appointment runs only through December 31, 2012. The appointments of Judge Moreland and Judge Vilkelis expire December 1, 2014.

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