Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Judge Hyman assigned to the Appellate Court

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Michael B. Hyman has been assigned to the Illinois Appellate Court effective January 8, 2013 according to an order entered yesterday by the Illinois Supreme Court.

Currently assigned to the Chancery Division of the Circuit Court, Judge Hyman was first elected to the bench in 2008. Hyman is the long-serving editor of the CBA Record and a former President of the Chicago Bar Association. In addition to his monthly column in the Record, Judge Hyman has written extensively for a number of ABA publications and, recently, for the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin.

Six of the 24 justices of the First District of the Appellate Court are Cook County Circuit judges serving by assignment. Judge Hyman will fill the spot previously occupied by Nathaniel J. Howse, Jr. Justice Howse had been serving on the Appellate Court by assignment since 2009 but was elected to the court this year.

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Wallace Gator Bradley said...

To GOD be the Glory, Justice Hyman is an honorable man.