Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Update on last Friday's post on the parlous prospects for new law grads

ABA Journal Law News Now updated its story on the Boston law firm looking to hire an associate for $10,000 a year: More than 50 people have now applied.

Of course, the job also comes with a bus pass (and a clothing allowance and other benefits).

Yesterday, the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin carried a story about a report issued by Law School Transparency, a Tennessee-based nonprofit group that pushed for law schools to report accurate job data. According to their report, only 55% of 2011 law school graduates found full-time, long-term legal employment within nine months of graduation.

Mary Kate Malone's article for the Law Bulletin says that, locally, 2011 University of Chicago graduates fared best, with 88% finding full-time, long-term legal work. On the other hand, only 48% of Loyola's 2011 law graduates had full-time, long-term legal work -- and only 49% and 39%, respectively, for graduates of IIT-Chicago Kent and DePaul.


The Law School Transparency website can be accessed here.

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