Monday, August 08, 2011

Thomas J. Carroll appointed to 3rd Subcircuit vacancy

Thomas J. Carroll, a criminal defense attorney and former Assistant Public Defender, has been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to the Third Subcircuit vacancy in Cook County that will be created by the August 31 retirement of Judge Colleen McSweeney Moore.

Assistant Public Defender Bruce Eli Mosbacher calls Carroll "a great guy" and "perfect judge material."

Carroll's appointment is effective September 1, 2011 and will terminate December 3, 2012. At the time of his appointment, Carroll maintained a law office in south suburban Palos Hills. An attorney since 1988, Carroll filed for both the countywide Hayes and Kelley vacancies in the 2010 primary but withdrew from both races.

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Michael J. Maslanka said...

Yes, Thomas J. Carroll is more than qualified, and will be a wonderful addition to the judiciary. Michael J. Maslanka, Illinois attorney since 1984.