Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gov. Quinn signs new ecycling law

It should soon become easier to responsibly dispose of more electronic equipment under new legislation signed yesterday by Gov. Pat Quinn. According to the Governor's press release, PA 97-287 "expands the types of electronic products that will be subject to the state’s landfill ban. Current law requires computer monitors, televisions and printers to be diverted from landfills. Under the new law, the list of items required to be recycled is expanded to include keyboards, portable music devices, scanners, videocassette recorders, video game consoles and more."

It's not enough, of course: While there are several new electronic devices covered, most electric appliances aren't included. Just to cite one example, did you burn out a fan or two in this summer's heat waves? Good luck finding some place to recycle those.

But it's a step in the right direction. The legislation creates an incentive to recycle a number of new products and someone should find a way to make money by so doing.

For the text of PA 97-287 (SB 2106), click the link in this sentence.

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