Sunday, March 13, 2011

Northwest Side Irish Parade draws aldermanic runoff competitors

The increasingly popular Northwest Side Irish Parade today drew spirited demonstrations of support for each of the candidates in the upcoming 41st and 45th Ward Runoff Elections.

41st Ward Candidate Maurita E. Gavin's large group marched first along Northwest Highway.

Not all of the candidates' supporters are of legal voting age -- or even human. That's an underage Gavin supporter above. At right is a picture of a little dog marching with the group supporting Gavin's opponent, 41st Ward Democratic Committeeman Mary E. O'Connor.

Do not adjust the color on your monitor: Yes, that dog does indeed have a greenish tint. Presumably, this color scheme was adopted for the occasion.

Both aldermanic candidates in the 45th Ward made a showing as well. Candidate John Garrido was at the head of this group:

Garrido's opponent, John Arena, followed soon after. Here a couple of photos of his group:

Thirty-eighth Ward Ald. Timothy Cullerton was not represented in today's Northwest Side Irish Parade, but challenger Tom Caravette was represented:

The runoff election is Tuesday, April 5. Early voting, however, starts Monday.

For more pictures from today's parade, turn to page two.

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