Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Judge Connors moves up to the Appellate Court

Cook County Circuit Court Judge Maureen E. Connors has been assigned by the Illinois Supreme Court to the Appellate Court.

Judge Connors, who has sat in the Probate Division since 1994, will fill the vacancy created by the elevation of Appellate Justice Mary Jane Theis to the Illinois Supreme Court. (Supreme Court press release here.)

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Anonymous said...

Judge Connors does not follow the law and instead sets forth her own opinion. She will take advantage of those she feels (emphasis on feels)to be wrong and give preferential treatment to their opponent. She clearly shows her bias early with her expressions. I and my attorney came before her for more than a year presenting the law clearly, which she expressed a lack of understanding.
To see that she has been appointed to the appellate court just shows the mockery of the judicial system.
I would like everyone to know who wrote this.
Lawrence Ross