Monday, October 18, 2010

Illinois Supreme Court recalls, or extends recall appointments, of several Cook County judges

Judge Michael Ian Bender lost his bid to hold the "A" vacancy in the 9th Judicial Subcircuit in this year's primary election, but the Illinois Supreme Court will recall Judge Bender to service December 6, 2010.

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Judge Pamela M. Leeming to the countywide McCarthy vacancy after she'd filed to run in the 11th Subcircuit in this year's primary. Judge Leeming lost her primary bid and the McCarthy vacancy will be filled by either Democrat Daniel J. Gallagher or Republican Maureen Masterson Pulia, depending on the outcome of next month's voting. However, the Illinois Supreme Court will also recall Judge Leeming to service December 6, 2010.

Judge Nicholas Geanopoulos did not run for election this year. Geanopoulos had been appointed by the Illinois Supreme Court to fill the countywide Bronstein vacancy (that Terry MacCarthy will fill after his uncontested November election). Geanopoulos, however, has also been recalled to service effective December 6.

The recall appointments of Judges Bender, Leeming and Geanopoulos are effective through November 30, 2013.

Each of the following judges has also been recalled to serve from December 6, 2010 through November 30, 2013:
Hon. Roger G. Fein
Hon. William J. Haddad
Hon. Sidney A. Jones III
Hon. Henry M. Singer
Hon. Rhoda D. Sweeney
In its October 15 recall order, the Illinois Supreme Court also recalled Cook County Circuit Judges Curtis Heaston and Charles R. Winkler for an additional year's service, through November 30, 2011. Associate Judge John B. Grogan has also been recalled through November 30, 2011. The court also extended the recall appointment of Judge Sheldon A. Harris through November 30, 2013.

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