Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Linda J. Pauel judicial campaign website on line

Per email received from Dalila Fridi, this link to the campaign website of Linda J. Pauel, recently slated by the Cook County Democratic Party for the countywide Dolan vacancy. A link has also been added to the Sidebar.

An Assistant Corporation Counsel, and a finalist for Associate Judge in the current round, Ms. Pauel is, according to her website, also a 1991 summa cum laude graduate of the IIT Chicago-Kent Law School and a member of the Order of the Coif. Pauel's website provides a list of her bar association recommendations and a slide show, but it also provides a little essay on the question of why people should vote for judges. A snippet:
[J]udges are involved in all facets of daily life from parking tickets to adoptions, divorces and decisions with broader, societal impact. The public needs to be able to rely on the impartiality, experience and trust in the judicial system and the foundation of that trust is the judges who preside.
You can still read about Pauel's slating, and the selection of the entire Cook County judicial slate, on the Chicago Sun-Times website. The link to Abdon M. Pallasch's article, "Inside the Beast: How Cook County judges are elected," is still live as of this morning.

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