Sunday, December 09, 2007

Countywide races -- Part III

In part one of this look at the current status of the countywide judicial races in Cook County, we covered the Disko and Glowacki vacancies. In part two, we looked at the Healy, Keehan, and Lott vacancies. As we move along in this survey, we move further down the ballot. We resume here with the Montelione vacancy.

Montelione Vacancy

Debra B. Walker (Objection Pending) is a partner with the firm of Clausen Miller PC. She was a finalist in the most recent round of Associate Judge selection. Walker was President of the Women's Bar Association of Illinois in 1998-99. A C.P.A. as well as a lawyer, Walker's Clausen Miller biography reports that Walker has "was recently appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism and to the Board of Directors of the Illinois Bar Foundation." Senator Richard Durbin appointed Walker to his nominations commission. Walker is also a past president of the North Michigan Avenue Business and Professional Women’s Network. She was recently endorsed for this vacancy by the Chicago Federation of Labor.

Thaddeus L. Wilson is the candidate slated by the Democratic Party for this vacancy. He was appointed to the bench by the Illinois Supreme Court in August of this year. Before going on the bench, Wilson was the law partner of 21st Ward Ald. Howard B. Brookins, Jr. A South Carolina native, Wilson received his Bachelors degree in 1989 from the University of Notre Dame. He worked initially as a computer programmer/systems analyst at Joseph T. Ryerson & Son before taking his law degree in 1994. He's also served as a hearing officer for the Chicago Board of Elections.

Thomas A. Doran (Objection Pending) is an Assistant Corporation Counsel in Chicago. He's been a lawyer since 1992.

Murphy Vacancy

Kristyna Colleen Ryan (Objection Pending) has been a lawyer with Childress Duffy Goldblatt Ltd. She's been a lawyer since 2000.

Paula M. Lingo is the slated candidate for this vacancy. She ran for the bench before in 2000, in the 5th Subcircuit. She is currently Chief Legal Counsel to Eugene "Gene" Moore, Cook County Recorder of Deeds. Lingo has been a lawyer since 1977.

Frank James Ryan (Objection Pending) has been a lawyer since 1981. He practices with Ryan and Ehrenstrom in Oak Forest.

Nowicki Vacancy

Brian Terrence Sexton is the supervisor of the gang unit in the State's Attorney office. He's been a lawyer since 1987.

Kim R. Kardas is a solo practitioner in the Loop. Formerly with Belgrade & O'Donnell, Kardas has been an attorney since 1980.

According to the November 15, 2007 Chicago Daily Law Bulletin,John J. "Jack" Murphy "is the younger brother of 1st District Appellate Justice Michael J. Murphy and Circuit Judge Patrick T. Murphy." A lawyer with Scariano, Himes and Petrarca, Murphy is a member of the Glenview School Board.

Michael B. Hyman is the slated candidate of the Democratic Party for this vacancy. (The preceding link is to Hyman's "In His Own Words" post on this blog; what follows is a link to his campaign website.) Judge Hyman was appointed to this vacancy by the Illinois Supreme Court in June 2006, shortly after he completed his term as President of the Chicago Bar Association. Before going on the bench, Hyman was a partner at Much, Shelist, Freed, Denenberg, Ament & Rubenstein, P.C., concentrating in antitrust, securities fraud and consumer fraud matters. He recently received the endorsement of the Chicago Federation of Labor in this race.

Kim L. Sorrells (Objection Pending), a lawyer since 1988, is an Assistant Public Defender, based in Markham.

Mary McDonagh-Faherty (Objection Pending). According to the Cook County Clerk's website, this objection was sustained but, as of Sunday evening, the State Board of Elections still shows her as an active candidate.

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