Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are Illinois judicial candidates on the Internet yet?

I was surprised yesterday to find only one site that seems dedicated to a 2008 Cook County judicial candidate. That candidate is Terry MacCarthy. Mr. MacCarthy's site stresses his 17 years' courtroom and trial experience; I assume therefore that "Terry MacCarthy" is Terence Fulton MacCarthy, a member of the Illinois Bar since 1990 and, according to the ARDC, an employee of the Cook County Public Defender's Office.

I find it hard to believe that Mr. MacCarthy has the only site up and running in anticipation of the February 2008 judicial primary -- but it is the only one I have found so far.

Are there others? If you know of one, send me and email or leave a comment.

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carl said...

Thanks for the link.

I suddenly feel intellectually intimidated. The only posts on this entire blog that make any sense to me are 'give us peace' and the Sox/Twins scores. Apparently, I only understand illustrated posts and posts about baseball.

I need to get a traffic ranking tracker for my blog. Congrats on cracking the top 2,750,000!