Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Beth Ryan to seek countywide Coghlan vacancy

Elizabeth Condron Ryan, or Beth Ryan, as she is apparently known to her friends and supporters, has announced plans to seek nomination to the countywide Coghlan vacancy in the 2020 Democratic Primary. That's a link to Ryan's campaign website in the preceding sentence; it has also been added to the blog Sidebar. There is also a campaign Facebook page which specifies Ryan's interest in the Coghlan vacancy.

Licensed to practice law in Illinois since 2004, according to ARDC, Ryan is the owner of the Loop Law Office of Elizabeth C. Ryan. Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, according to her campaign biography (Christ the King, Mother McAuley), Ryan now resides on the Northwest Side of the City, in Sauganash, with her husband and four daughters.

Ryan externed for 7th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge William Bauer while still in law school, according to her campaign bio. After graduation, Ryan clerked for Judge Martin Agran, when he was sitting in Chancery. She later worked for Newman Boyer & Statham, doing personal injury work, starting her own practice in 2011.

In a statement to FWIW, Ryan said she is "running as an independent Democrat, but I expect to have a wide base of support throughout Cook County. Our organizing effort right now is family and friends in anticipation of kicking off our petition drive in early September. We have over $130,000 in cash on hand and billboards are going up. We are in this to win."

A review of the Illinois State Board of Elections website confirms that a Notification of Self-Funding has been filed by Ryan's campaign committee.


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard! Who am I? The other Irish gal who decided to run after I heard Theis appointed Derico. I was offended by JAIPAC targeting Coghlan and I will avenge him and take what's mine without spending $130,000 because your name might be ok, but it ain't A List Irish like mine. And I still live on the Southwest side. So there! See you at Barnabas on 9/8?

Anonymous said...

Is the rumor that Matt Coghlan is running for his old seat true? This is a serious question. I would truly laugh my ass off if he got re-elected. THAT would be one of those "only in Cook County" stories.

Anonymous said...

Yes. A Coghlan is running, but NOT Matt. The rumors about another Irish gal running for this slot are true and her last name is Coghlan. She didn't both to go to the impromptu meeting at Reilly's Daughters right after pre-slating because she already has a name and enough pull that she don't need the other ones. Stat out of her way. (Let's see how fast this rumor gets them all talking at the Daley Center).

Anonymous said...

So this one is trying a combination of moves. Like so like a certain appellate judge, she is putting her billboards up early and publicly marking her target. Like a certain deceased judge from the 8th Sub, she dumped a lot of money in her campaign. Like another judge, who drinks too much, she is likely banking on the CFL endorsement and hopes that people will confuse her with a namesake who won in 2008. But I wonder what happens when an A list Irish gal name runs against another A list Irish gal who actually has practice chops and could get the CFL and Trib. Hmmmmm. 2020 might not be that easy after all. Sure, the black guy might lose. But Irish targeting Irish could lead to a new day in Cook County. I think the 47th and 41st wards can beat 19 and Oak Lawn. Better be outside Barnabas that first weekend and meet your opponent. It’s gonna be rocking all along 99th and 103rd streets for the next 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Hey A-lister why don’t you identify yourself ?

Anonymous said...

I will make my Irish essence known in November! Hahahahahah!