Thursday, June 06, 2019

JIB files Complaint against Judge Mauricio Araujo

The Illinois Judicial Inquiry Board has today filed a Complaint with the Illinois Courts Commission against Judge Mauricio Araujo, charging that he engaged in a pattern of inappropriate and harassing behavior toward several women including a court reporter, a Chicago Police Officer, and a Cook County Assistant State's Attorney.

Quoting now, from the Summary of Allegations in the JIB's Complaint:
In or around the Spring and Summer of 2012, on two separate occasions, Respondent made unwanted sexual advances toward a court reporter while alone with her in the confined space of an elevator at the Domestic Violence Courthouse in Chicago. On August 15,2016, Respondent made unwelcome sexual comments toward, and attempted unwanted physical contact with, a Chicago Police Officer while she was in his chambers at the George N. Leighton Criminal Court Building to obtain his signature on a search warrant. On September 11,2018, Respondent made inappropriate and sexually suggestive comments about an Assistant State's Attorney after she appeared before him, and did so in the presence of another Assistant State's Attorney.
The JIB's trial counsel, Kevin M. Fee and Martha C. Clarke of Sidley Austin LLP, will prosecute the Complaint.

Judge Araujo was elected to the bench in 2008 from the 6th Subcircuit. At the time he was rated qualified, recommended or better by every evaluating bar association. He was retained in 2014. In that election, Araujo was rated qualified for retention by each of the Alliance Bar groups and by the Chicago Bar Association.

Araujo has been assigned to administrative duties since his alleged comments about the Assistant State's Attorney broke into the news. According to a tweet this afternoon from the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin's Jordyn Reiland, the court reporter and police officer referred to in the JIB Complaint came forward after the media reports surfaced about Araujo's comments about the female prosecutor.


Anonymous said...

"I'm shocked," said nobody who has ever met him. Sadly, he doesn't have the decency to resign.

Anonymous said...

I'm seething. Several years ago I had a hearing on an order of protection case in front of him that involved allegations of sexual harassment. My client, a woman, was very credible. He denied the OP and made a flippant response. Now it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

No surprise to those who know him.
He thought he was impervious.