Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Link to Rhonda Crawford interim suspension order

This broke last night, but I didn't know how or where to find the Order. The Cook County Record had the link in a story by Jonathan Bilyk posted earlier this morning.

The Order apparently does not prevent Crawford from being elected; rather, it says she may not take the oath of office on the first Monday in December if elected (as is likely) a week from today.

On October 21, after the Administrator of the ARDC filed a Petition with the Supreme Court seeking an order suspending Crawford's law license, the Supreme Court entered an order directing Crawford to 'show cause' by October 28 as to why her license should not be immediately suspended. Crawford's response to that 'show cause' order asked for additional time (to November 11) in which to answer the 191-page Petition filed by the ARDC. Among other things, Crawford noted that she had only been served with the ARDC Complaint (that's one of the exhibits to the ARDC Supreme Court Petition) on October 13; one of her principal lawyers, George Collins, died the following day.

Among other things, Crawford stated in her Response to the 'show cause' order, "To address concerns of adverse impact upon the public’s perception of the dignity and integrity of the judiciary, Respondent agrees to not oppose entry of an order that would delay her from assuming office as a circuit court judge until the disciplinary case has been resolved." That's a little different than agreeing to voluntarily forego taking the oath, as it was widely reported.

On the other hand, Crawford said she needed more time to "to appropriately address the issue of whether the Administrator has presented grounds sufficient to warrant that Respondent be stripped of her law license without a hearing."

This is what the Supreme Court said 'no' to yesterday.

In a related Order, also entered yesterday, the Supreme Court granted the ARDC Administrator's motion for leave to amend the Petition against Crawford to include the criminal charges filed against her.


Anonymous said...

SPOLIER ALERT: Thelma gets pushed off the cliff without Louise.

There is a public perception to all of this that seems very troubling. To the general public not privy to all of the details, it seems that one person has received a tremendously harsh punishment while the accomplice simply walked.

One person is ridiculed in the national press, fired from her job, investigated by a disciplinary agency at break neck speed, recommended that she lose her license, indicted for felony misconduct, suspended from the practice of law, and enjoined from taking office even if the plurality of the people of her subcircuit vote for her in the general election.

The other party who allegedly aided this act of felony misconduct keeps her job, salary, pension, title and robe.

Ah yes, the robe. The Markham musical, "Sharon and Her Technicolor Dream Coat." A donned black, thin vestment made of cotton and polyester that ruined a woman's career and aspirations and has her awaiting trial for a felony. She was the winner of the democratic party primary going into the general election unopposed, and she was barred from taking office by judicial fiat.

Compare this to the national travesty that we have witnessed the last 18 months. The litany of shame need not be reiterated here, but we all know what we have seen and heard and what has been admitted to on recordings. The person I am describing has multiple lawsuits pending that were stayed so as not to influence the election. Similarly, investigations of potential criminal acts involving a charity have been held in abeyance. No rush to indict, try, convict and have a sentence imposed all before the general election, because that would be wrong. That would deprive the voters of their right to vote for whomever they choose.

Crawford made a colossal error, but no one was harmed and no one benefited improperly. She is guilty of Class X Stupidity. She has been fired, indicted, suspended and essentially removed from the ballot at break neck speed. Conversely Americans go to the polls next week to elect our President, and 50% of voters have chosen to support one candidate despite admissions of sexual assault and his revolting embrace of bigotry and hatred that we have not seen since George Wallace. Yet this abhorrent ogre may win at the hands of the voters who do not find the litany of offenses disqualifying. Everyone in this country has a right to vote for an idiot, including those of the first subcircuit.

Crawford's dereliction is far less egregious than what we have seen on the national stage. She won the primary fair and square and the voters of her subcircuit should not be disenfranchised of their right to vote for her in the general election and forgive her errors.

It is Rhonda Crawford today, but who will be the next person removed from a ballot by seven people wearing black robes who know what is in our best interests as voters.

Lobo Y Olla said...

"She won the primary fair and square and the voters of her subcircuit should not be disenfranchised of their right to vote for her in the general election (they won't) and forgive her errors (they certainly can.)"

There is absolutely nothing preventing the people in your neighborhood from doing just that (assuming you live in the 1st subcircuit.)

The sitting judge in this "wtf" moment, is no longer "judging". All the Sup Ct did was prevent Ms. Crawford from doing the same thing. JIB will have it's say in due course.

Anonymous said...

The Illinois Supreme Court has yet again brought shame on the Judiciary.


Jack Leyhane said...

@Anon 11/3 11:58 a.m. - Good luck with the Senate confirmation hearings on that one.