Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tributes, scholarships conferred at IJF Summer Reception

The CBA's Corboy Hall was packed last evening for the Illinois Judges Foundation Summer Reception.

Proceeds from the reception support the charitable and educational programs of the Illinois Judges Foundation, the charitable arm of the Illinois Judges Association, including in particular the Harold Sullivan Scholarship. Three of these scholarships were awarded last evening.

Illinois Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke, retired Illinois Appellate Court Justice Gino L. DiVito, and Lake County Chief Judge Jorge L. Ortiz were honored by the IJF as judicial icons.

Pictured below are Lake County Associate Judge Elizabeth M. Rochford, IJF Immediate Past President; Cook County Chief Judge Timothy C. Evans, who provided an introduction for Supreme Court Justice Anne Burke; Justice Burke; and Cook County Associate Judge Jeanne Reynolds, the current President of the IJF.

Here is Justice Burke, accepting her award.

Justice DiVito accepted his award as Judges Rochford and Reynolds looked on.

This is Lake County Chief Judge Jorge Ortiz accepting his award.

The Illinois Judges Foundation also acknowledged the passing of Laura C. Liu, Appellate Court Justice and IJF President in 2013-14. Justice Liu's husband, attorney Michael J. Kasper, provided appropriate and moving remarks as their daughter, Sophia, looked on.

Two of the three Harold Sullivan Scholarship Award winners, Jennifer DiVincenzo of John Marshall Law School and Matthew Griffin of Chicago-Kent College of Law, were present to accept their awards from Scholarship Committee Chair, Judge Diane Larsen. Pictured below are Judge Larsen, John Marshall Dean John E. Corkery, and Ms. DiVincenzo.

At right are Chicago-Kent Dean Harold J. Krent, Mr. Griffin, and Judge Larsen.

The third award winner, Patrick Tipton from the University of Illinois College of Law, was unable to attend, Judge Larsen explaining that he had previously committed to assisting at an incoming student orientation at the school.

IJF Auxiliary Committee member Christine Athanasoulis was also cited by the organization for her assistance in the organization's fundraising efforts.


Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful evening and a good time was had by all. My son's generation is obsessed with "FOMO". For everyone under 25 that stands for "fear of missing out". We all check FWIW because we have FOMO. If you missed last night's shindig, fear not. I will fill you in with just a few words. Please close your office door and read out loud: Hello Judge, you are wonderful. Hi Your Honor, how nice to see you. Hello Judge, how are you? You are great, Judge. Congratulations, Judge. I'm great Judge .... sorry, I'm not great Your Honor, strike that, YOU are great Your Honor !!!

That about sums it all up. It was like you were there. No need to have FOMO.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31 - Agreed, and very humorous. Except one caveat. Attorney Mike Kasper and his family, who were the highpoint of the event. Genuine and classy and very brave. Not that anyone needed to be reminded, but the Judiciary suffered a great loss with the passing of Justice Liu. But that is meaningless compared to their devastating loss. My heart goes out to him and his family and wish them all the best.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:31. 'Yes, even I like humor and although your post was funny, there is some truth lying underneath (there are a couple of whiners that cannot see humor but only want to lash out and find blame elsewhere. Sorry I digressed; where was I?). But for those trying to move on up to the east side to that deluxe apartment in the sky (that isn't 'ignorant street lingo' either)? I say keep going to these events and smile and handshake and go home and drink scotch. Me? Give me water on the rocks. Black Lady Who Reads.