Saturday, April 02, 2016

LAGBAC presents April 8 seminar for aspiring judicial candidates

The Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago is presenting a free seminar on Friday, April 8, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., at Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP, 222 North LaSalle Street for persons interested in serving in judicial office.

The CBA and Alliance judicial evaluation processes will be explained, sitting judges "will address the various paths to the bench in Cook County," and two federal judges and representatives from the offices of Senators Durbin and Kirk will discuss how appointments to the federal bench get made.

Speakers will include:
  • Illinois Supreme Court Justice Mary Jane Theis;
  • Appellate Court Justice Jesse Reyes;
  • Circuit Court Judges John H. Ehrlich and Colleen F. Sheehan;
  • Associate Judge Linda Pauel;
  • U.S. District Court Judge Sara L. Ellis;
  • Magistrate Judge Mary Rowland;
  • Joyce Williams of the ISBA (and the Alliance Administrator);
  • Susan Horn, Co-Chair of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers JEC and Co-Chair of the Alliance Executive Committee;
  • Jeff Finke, former General Chair of the CBA JEC;
  • Dan Swanson, Senior Counsel, Office of Sen. Dick Durbin;
  • Peter V. Baugher, Chair of the Sen. Mark Kirk's Judicial Advisory Board;
  • Justin Mulaire, EEOC trial attorney; and
  • Susana Darwin, Co-Chair, LAGBAC JEC.
The seminar is not only free, but offers 3.0 Professional Responsibility CLE Credits. But seating is limited and registration is required. Interested persons need to RSVP as soon as possible to The seminar is sponsored by the Hinshaw LGBT Affinity Network and ISBA Mutual.


Anonymous said...

"Will address the various paths to the bench in Cook County." Ha ! What a waste of time. Three hours of hot air. I would rather spend 5 minutes with either Preckwinkle, Burke, or Berrios. They can tell you all about the "path".

Anonymous said...

With all respect to LAGBAC, but has FWIW ever considered organizing a MCLE class? Ask several of the successful countywide and subcircuit judicial candidates to tell us how they navigated the politics involved. I would be interested in hearing the real story behind judicial slating and how to get the support of the democratic committeeman. I would like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly. I do not believe that the lineup of speakers at this seminar will come close to discussing the real process.

Anonymous said...

Like they would actually tell you.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned for an eye opening investigation by a leading law school professor into the selection process of judges and the judicial evaluation process. Why certain candidates are found qualified and others not. Definitely will show the process is smoke and mirrors. The investigation compares the backgrounds of qualified vs. Not qualified bar ratings of judicial candidates.

Anonymous said...

A complete waste of time. I find it difficult to reconcile that the co-chair of the LAGBAC has not been licensed to practice law (or stepped into an actual courtroom) in Illinois for many years; yet she, or the committee she chairs, will determine if my many years of courtroom experience merits a passing mark? It is not difficult to complete 15 your a years of CLE and pay a small fee to the ARDC to maintain an active law license.

I am also bothered that a Supreme Court Justice who has given a countywide judicial appointment to a person sitting on her own judicial evaluation committee over all other applicants; can address a room full of hopeful future judge candidates and discuss the process as if it is free of political clout and insider trading. Does anyone actually believe that equal consideration is given to all who apply? Yet, her remarks are followed by polite applause and a roomful of fake smiles.

More so than ever before, I applaud those with the tenacity to run against the slated candidates. In the future I will never cast a vote for a slated candidate or an appointed judge. I also have reached the conclusion that bar association ratings are not entirely reflective of suitability for the bench.