Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Advertisement: Victory Research offers help in getting on the ballot, knocking others off

Judicial vacancies that open this late in the petition filing process make it even more difficult to get on the ballot. Difficult but not impossible, thanks to Victory Research.  We have the ability to generate large numbers of valid petition signatures in a short period of time. We've been doing it for more than twenty years. If you hire us, you will be on the ballot.

For all judicial candidates, please take a look at our other services-such as petition objections. We are almost as good at taking people off the ballot as we are at putting them on. Working with your election lawyer, if your opponent can be knocked off the ballot, they will be.  Also, for less than it costs for you to schlep to Springfield to file your petition, for a reasonable fee, we will do it for you.  Please call Victory Research at 312-487-0338 and ask for Mr. Murphy.