Saturday, July 04, 2015

John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. appointed to Biebel vacancy

Updated 7/8/15 to provide link to Supreme Court press release

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed Hyde Park criminal defense attorney John Fitzgerald Lyke, Jr. to the countywide vacancy created by the imminent retirement of Criminal Division Presiding Judge Paul P. Biebel, Jr. The Illinois Supreme Court issued a press release about the appointment on July 7.

Judge Biebel's retirement is effective Monday (per the July 1 edition of the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin).* Lyke's appointment is effective July 16, and terminates December 5, 2016. Licensed as an attorney in Illinois since 1994, Lyke served as a prosecutor before entering private practice, according to his firm website.
* A subscription is ordinarily required to access Law Bulletin stories, but this article was posted on the paper's website as a "free read."


Anonymous said...

Dear Blog,

Hmm...I just read the July 1, 2015 announcement by the Supreme Court about the 6th sub-circuit vacancy and the endless hoops candidates need to jump through just to be considered for appointment to the vacancy crated by the retirement of Judge Leida Gonzalez-Santiago.

Can someone please tell me what hoops Mr. Lyke jumped to get appointed to the vacancy created by Judge Paul Biebel's vacancy?

Or is it just another case of the pathetic "family and friends plan" double-standard that the Supreme Court is so famous for?

As always, E.P.

Ayanna nataki said...

This is AWESOME, he is such and great Man and leader. He really deserves this!

Unknown said...

Congrats! Mr. Lyke

Me DHBey said...

For the first time I think the Illinois Supreme Court has finally made an excellent choice in the selection/appointment of Attorney John Fitzgerald Lyke. He has a proven track record and whatever hoops he jumped through he deserved this appointment. Congrats Judge Lyke! @ E.P. stop hating.... This time our corrupt legal system in Illinois, especially Cook County, finally got it right! I just pray John makes a difference, don't forget where he came from and how far he has come, and don't get tainted by the corruption. Judge Lyke continue to be fair, honest and wear your robe and what it stands for proudly. I'm happy for you!