Saturday, April 12, 2014

There will be no recount in the race for the 15th Subcircuit Sterba vacancy

It's official now: Judge Chris Lawler's 15-vote lead has held up. The Cook County Clerk has certified Judge Lawler the winner, with 4,210, 15 more than the 4,195 received by his nearest challenger, Michael B. Barrett.

The Law Bulletin carries the story in its April 10 edition (subscription required). Quoting from Marc Kalinsky's story:
Barrett, a partner at Barrett & Sramek in Palos Heights, conceded after the certified results were published on Tuesday.

“I called Chris to let him know we would not be challenging any of the results or processes or anything like that,” Barrett said.

Lawler said the phone call, much like the race, did not change the positive relationship the two candidates have had for many years.

“He called to say he was not going to file a challenge and wished me well, and I wished him well and we’ll move on,” Lawler said. “I’ve known Mr. Barrett for 20 years. I’ve tried cases against him and his brother.”

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