Monday, October 29, 2012

In Cook County, Illinois Civil Justice League endorses Theis, five retention candidates

The Illinois Civil Justice League announced in its newsletter today that it has endorsed Democrat Mary Jane Theis for the Illinois Supreme Court in Cook County's First Judicial District. Justice Theis is a candidate for the Fitzgerald vacancy on the Supreme Court; she was appointed to that vacancy when Justice Thomas Fitzgerald stepped down. Her Republican opponent is Cook County Circuit Court Judge James G. Riley.

The ICJL also endorsed five of the many Cook County Circuit Court judges seeking retention. The five judges highlighted by the ICJL are Moshe Jacobius, Martin Agran, Stuart Palmer, Garritt E. Howard, and E. Kenneth Wright, Jr.

A complete list of the ICJL's endorsements, both in Cook County and Downstate, can be accessed by clicking this link.

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Anonymous said...

Since it appears that the main issue driving the ICJL is tort reform, which protects the interests of businesses against that of individuals, I do not trust their endorsements.