Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pictures from 2012 Retention Judges Reception

Preston Bradley Hall at Chicago's Cultural Center was filled to capacity Thursday night for the 2012 Retention Judges Reception.

I'd like to tell you that this fuzzy, soft-focus crowd shot was really a skilled, arty composition, but that would not be true. Fortunately a few of the other shots I took came out better.

Judge Moshe Jacobius, one of the nearly 60 judges seeking retention, was on hand to greet early arrivals.

Judges Jean Prendergast Rooney and Alfred M. Swanson, Jr.

Judges Joyce Marie Murphy Gorman and E. Kenneth Wright, Jr.
Both are on the retention ballot.

Associate Judge Leon Wool and Judge Steven Bernstein
came out to support their colleagues.

Judges Jesse G. Reyes and Sophia Hall

Recent judicial candidate Gerald V. Cleary, Judge Diann Karen Marsalek
and current 4th Subcircuit candidate Edward M. Maloney

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