Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kaplan, Kyriakopoulos receive new assignments

The Illinois Supreme Court has appointed Judge James L. Kaplan to a 12th Subcircuit vacancy created by the recent death of Judge Edward R. Jordan.

In another order entered this week , the Supreme Court appointed Judge Anthony C. Kyriakopoulos to a 10th Subcircuit vacancy created by the recent retirement of Judge Daniel J. Sullivan.

At the time of this new appointment, Judge Kaplan was serving pursuant to an appointment to the Cole vacancy in the 8th Subcircuit. Judge Kaplan was a candidate for this vacancy in the March primary, but Chicago Deputy Corporation Counsel John H. Ehrlich emerged as the victor in a crowded field.

At the time of his new appointment, Judge Kyriakopoulos was serving by appointment to the Locallo vacancy in the 10th Subcircuit. He filed for that vacancy in the March primary, but withdrew after former Chicago Ald. Thomas R. Allen (who had been appointed to the countywide Pucinski vacancy) filed in that same race.

The new appointments for Judges Kaplan and Kyriakopoulos became effective August 23; the appointments expire on December 1, 2014.


Anonymous said...

How does a judge who ran in the 8th subcircuit (and presumably lived is required) get appointed in another shortly thereafter? Did he not live in the 8th? Did he recently move?

Jack Leyhane said...

As I understand it, Judge Kaplan would have to move to 12 if he wants to run for this seat in 2014, but not to accept the appointment. If someone knows better, please advise.