Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sixty Cook County Judges file for November retention ballot

Sixty Cook County Circuit Court Judges elected or retained in 2006 have filed to appear on the retention ballot in the November 2012 general election, according to information furnished by the Illinois Secretary of State.

The last day for a judge to provide a declaration of candidacy was May 6, according to the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

If normal patterns hold, some of these jurists will withdraw their retention bids between now and the election. Three of the judges on this list are serving on the Appellate Court; two, Maureen Elizabeth Connors and P. Scott Neville, Jr., won their respective races in the March Democratic Primary and face no opposition in November. They are likely to withdraw their retention bids. On the other hand, Judge Stuart E. Palmer was assigned by the Illinois Supreme Court to serve on the Appellate Court. He would have to be retained in office as a Circuit Court Judge in order to continue in his assignment on the Appellate Court.

Also on the list of judges currently seeking retention is Cynthia Brim. Currently, Judge Brim has been removed from all judicial duties by order of the Executive Committee of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The suspension came after Judge Brim was arrested at the Daley Center, charged with allegedly shoving a Cook County Sheriff's deputy and tossing a set of keys at a security checkpoint.

One Justice of the Appellate Court, James Fitzgerald Smith, has filed for retention in the First Appellate District (Cook County). Several downstate Appellate Court justices have also filed for retention, Tom M. Lytton and Daniel L. Schmidt (3rd District), John Turner (4th District), and Melissa Ann Chapman (5th District). No Supreme Court Justice will be on the retention ballot in Cook County; Justice Rita B. Garman has filed for retention in the downstate 4th District.

A complete list of Cook County Circuit Court Judges who have filed for retention in November follows:
  • Martin S. Agran
  • Patricia Banks
  • Ronald F. Bartkowicz
  • Carole Kamin Bellows
  • Maura Slattery Boyle
  • Daniel Patrick Brennan
  • Cynthia Brim
  • Rodney Hughes Brooks
  • Mary Margaret Brosnahan
  • Robert Lopez Cepero
  • Gloria Chevere
  • Matthew E. Coghlan
  • Maureen Elizabeth Connors
  • Grace G. Dickler
  • Christopher Donnelly
  • Loretta Eadie-Daniels
  • James D. Egan
  • Kathy M. Flanagan
  • Ellen L. Flannigan
  • Peter Flynn
  • Raymond Funderburk
  • Joyce Marie Murphy Gorman
  • Catherine Marie Haberkorn
  • Orville E. Hambright
  • Pamela E. Hill Veal
  • Carol M. Howard
  • Garritt E. Howard
  • Michael J. Howlett, Jr.
  • Anthony A. Iosco
  • Moshe Jacobius
  • Edward R. Jordan
  • Paul A. Karkula
  • Joseph G. Kazmierski, Jr.
  • Stuart F. Lubin
  • Marvin P. Luckman
  • Marcia Maras
  • Jill C. Marisie
  • James Michael McGing
  • Mike McHale
  • James Patrick Murphy
  • Thomas W. Murphy
  • Lisa Ruble Murphy
  • Marya Nega
  • P. Scott Neville, Jr.
  • Patrick W. "Pat" O'Brien
  • Joan Margaret O'Brien
  • Ramon Ocasio III
  • Stuart E. Palmer
  • Lee Preston
  • Mary Colleen Roberts
  • Thomas David Roti
  • Drella C. Savage
  • Colleen F. Sheehan
  • Diane M. Shelley
  • Bill Taylor
  • James M. Varga
  • Carl Anthony Walker
  • Richard F. Walsh
  • Camille E. Willis
  • E. Kenneth Wright, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Based upon what has happened with the retention ballot over the past 20 years, Judge Brim is likely to be retained.

Albert said...

Only 60 filed? This will be the shortest retention ballot since 1996.